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Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019

2021-06-04 09:58:26

As the saying goes, "Guilin's landscape is a fake world." Today, we came to Guilin, a dreamlike fairyland.
It was noon when we arrived in Guilin. After lunch, we came to the beautiful Lijiang River with excitement. I took a cruise ship to the upper reaches of the Lijiang River. The cruise ship traveled slowly on the river. Every time it went, the oars would "cut" beautiful and regular waves. Driving on the river in Guilin seems to be dreaming.

Next stop: Gudong Waterfall
Here we can have the most intimate contact with the mountains of Guilin and the water of Guilin, put on straw shoes and roll up the trouser legs to experience the coolness of summer in another way! Feel the magic of nature, with towering old trees and attractive maple leaves in the forest area. The vines are wrapped around the trees, and the trees are wrapped around vines. The scenery is beautiful, birds and flowers are scented, and the air is fresh. Not only can you feel the fun of walking along the waterfall and playing in the waves, but also the excitement of walking through the jungle.

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 1

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 2

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 3

Next stop: Xingping
The beauty of Guilin lies in the Li River, and the beauty of Li River lies in Xingping. Xingping Lijiang section is the essence of Lijiang with beautiful scenery. The peaks on both sides of the strait compete with the beautiful scenery, the clear water lingers, enjoy the picturesque Xingping scenery, the 20 yuan background pattern, the reflection of the yellow cloth and other stunning landscapes of the Lijiang River, and feel the magical wonderland of "people walking in the sky, boats swimming in the painting".

Next stop: Yinziyan
Visit a bright pearl in Guilin [Silver Rock], which is a multistory cave, including three parts: the lower cave, the hall, and the upper cave. It features music stone screens, Guanghan deep palace, snow mountain waterfalls, "Three Wonders", and Buddhist Scriptures , Single Column Qingtian, Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella "Three Treasures" and other scenic spots as representative, lifelike and vivid image.

Next stop: bamboo rafting
It is famous all over the world for its wonderful villages with mountains, green waters, green bamboos and green bridges. It is a rare beauty in Guilin's mountains and waters and the best embodiment of Yangshuo's scenery. Taking a bamboo raft to visit the Yulong River and admire the beautiful scenery of Yangshuo is the best way to appreciate this "little Li River"

Next stop: Bamboo rafting in Guilin Garden Expo

There are 14 city exhibition parks in the Garden Expo. Each city has different history, culture and characteristics, and its exhibition parks also have their own styles. Through different garden landscaping techniques, the costumes and accessories of all ethnic groups in Guangxi are displayed, presenting a grand gardening expo that integrates urban culture, landscape culture, garden art and folk customs.

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 4

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 5

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 6

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 7

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 8

Four-day itinerary in Guilin, Guangxi in May 2019 9

Next stop: Yangshuo West Street

Around ten o'clock in the evening is the lively and prosperous time of West Street, strolling around the famous Chinese and foreigner Street, strolling along the unique bluestone streets of West Street, and enjoying the unique European style!

At this end of the four-day happy Guilin tour, we not only deepened our goodwill and impression of the beautiful scenery of Guilin, but also made us love the beautiful scenery of our motherland even more.

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