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Remember the birth of the M361 mouse,A classic that never ends 

1. I don't know when, the following mouse has occupied a large share of the market due to the temptation of unit price, but consumers' evaluation of this product is extremely bad. This phenomenon triggered our idea of solving this problem.

2. In May 2016, on a fishing boat off the coast of Guangdong, product managers, mold engineers and structural engineers conceived how to consider product quality from the design, so that the price is cheap but the quality is guaranteed。

3. Conference conclusion:
A increases the number of molds,
B, global marketing, optimize cost through quantity
C, unified material standards, bulk purchase
D, optimize the assembly process, improve assembly efficiency
E,Invest in automated plug-in equipment to improve PCBA quality
4. In October of the same year, it passed the trial production, usage scenario test, low drop test, salt spray test, high and low temperature test, and environmental protection test. All of them met the standards. The electronics passed the CE and FCC tests, which fully met the sales requirements.
5. After the product went online, it was fully affirmed by the majority of buyers, and the output exceeded 10 million in 18 months.
6. At present, M361 is more like a necessity in the computer accessories industry. It has stable quality, traditional appearance, and super cost-effective positioning. It is more like the rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea in life.
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